One-on-one Lesson with Yuki Shiina

One-on-one Lesson with Yuki Shiina

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Learn about Zen Kokyū with the guidance of our founder Yuki Shiina.

In this private lesson, Yuki Shiina will start by understanding any health issues you might have, and examining your current posture and breathing. She will then teach you how perform Zen Kokyū, in a lesson that is tailored to your individual needs.

In Yuki Shiina's private lessons (@Tokyo), autonomic nerve measurements will be taken twice before and after the lesson (autonomic nerve activity level, sympathetic nerve, parasympathetic nerve level, and balance measurements).

・Payment method: PayPal and other credit cards are accepted.
If you cancel after paying by credit card, you will be refunded the amount after deducting about 8% of the credit card company's fee.

・Date and time: Please let us know your favorite date and time anytime up to your 10th choice.

When booking, please provide us with 10 possible dates for the lesson in the notes section of the cart page. We will then communicate directly with you to arrange and finalise a time.