Zen Kokyū Online Experience with Breathing Adviser Yoko

Zen Kokyū Online Experience with Breathing Adviser Yoko

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For those who would like to take ZEN Breathing Method lessons but think that one-on-one private lessons online are too much of a hurdle, this is the place for you.

Why don't you start by learning ZEN Breathing Method with the breeze of Hawaii?
The ZEN breathing method has been practiced by an increasing number of people outside of Japan and around the world.
The instructor, Yoko, is a woman living in Hawaii who has been practicing ZEN breathing for 7 years and is now an ageless beauty who has not stopped getting healthier and more delightful year after year.
Although this is a group lesson, the maximum number of students is two, so you will receive an online lesson that is almost like a private lesson.

We hope that this lesson, which is also an introduction to the ZEN breathing method, will help more and more people become healthier as they age.

What you'll need:

  • A device where you can use Zoom
  • A towel
  • A space where you can lie down easily
  • Drinking water
  • Clothing that is easy to move in
  • A wall or pillar that you can lean against.
  • A chair with a hard and flat seat
    for those who have difficulty sitting on the floor, or for those who need to adjust or move the camera position.
  • A thick hardcover book (a dictionary or several)
    Or a yoga block - used for creating a sitting posture